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Exchange Rates

NRs. 100000 : 96993 JPY
1 JPY : NRs. 1.031
Flag Country Code Rate
India INR
Philippines PHP
Pakistan PKR
Sri lanka LKR
Indonesia IDR
Peru USD
Mexico MXN
Brazil BRL
Vietnam VND
Bangladesh BDT
NRs. 100000 : 96665 JPY
1 JPY : NRs. 1.0345
Flag Country Code Rate
Nepal NRs 1.0345

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* Rates are indicative and subject to change. Contact us for the latest rates.

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Bank Account Details

JP Post Bank:

A/C No: 10110-95388741

From Other Bank:

店名:- 〇一八 店(ゼロイチハチ店)
普通 口座番号 9538874

Service Charge

Service charge for Nepal:

Amount Charge
¥ 1 - 30,000 ¥ 500
¥ 30001 - 150000 ¥ 1000
¥ 150001 - 1000000 ¥ 1500
* Rates are indicative and subject to change. Contact us for the latest rates.

Message From President

I am privileged to be leading Japan Money Express at this juncture on behalf of the board of directors. In the most challenging times, I am fully aware of the responsibilities you have bestowed upon me.

I can assure you that, as a team, we are committed to delivering the best. Our objective is to achieve excellence through people empowerment, embracing new technologies and providing a comprehen... Read More

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जापानको पहरा खाेपेर विश्वकै सबैभन्दा ठूलो बुद्धमूर्ति बनाउँदै चार नेपाली मूर्तिकारहरु

संसारमा सुन्दर चिज क... Read More

रुस विश्वकपको सारांश, कुन टोली कस्ता छन् ?

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Associated with

  • Bank of Kathmandu
  • Nabil Bank
  • NDEP Bank
  • Tinau Development Bank
  • Triveni Bikash Bank
  • Manakamana Development Bank Ltd
  • Mega Bank
  • Apex Development Bank
  • Bhrikuti Development Bank
  • Green Development Bank
  • Jhimruk Development Bank
  • Kumari Bank
  • Manaslu Development Bank
  • Rising Development Bank
  • Seti Finance
  • Shine Development Bank
  • Tourism Development Bank
  • Yeti Development Bank
  • Prabhu Bank
  • Citizens Bank
  • Century Bank
  • Western Development Bank

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