JME offers real-time money transfer service from Japan to various part of the world. Depending upon the service availability to your desired location, following services can be availed:


A cash service which enables customers to send money to their friends and family in their home countries. After sending the money the customer receives a unique PIN that he/she has to forward to their desired recipient, the recipient then can visit JME’s agent location in their countries to collect cash without any deduction.Delivery time: Instant


This service allows customers to send money for Credit to Account in banks/financial institutes in their home countries. Almost all financial institutes in recipient country are included in JME’s agent list thus enabling our customers to send money to their family’s bank account as well as to save in their own account in their countries while still residing in Japan.

Delivery time: few minutes to 24 hours


This service enables customers to send money to their recipient’s addresses.

Delivery time: few hours to 48 hours

Important Note to our customers

Please understand the following matters while using our services.

1.JME has obtained approval as fund transfer business (Kanto Local Finance Bureau No. 00006) on July 22, 2010.

The money transfer business means that people other than banks etc. operate a small amount of exchange transactions as a business. 

2.JME differs from the currency exchange transaction conducted by the bank etc. in the following points.

         a. The maximum limit for money transfers is 1,000,000 Japanese yen.

         b. JME Services do not include the acceptance of deposits, savings or installment savings as defined in Banking.

         c. Our services do not constitute the payment of insurance claims stipulated in Article 53 of the Deposit Protection Act or under Article 55 of the Agriculture, Fishing Industry Cooperative Savings Insurance Act.

        d. JME set aside performance guarantee money for customers to cover all risk associated with customers’ monies.

3. Exchange rate means the exchange rate applied for payout currency against JPY. Our real-time exchange rates are visible at our calculator in our website

4.ID documents accepted by JME should be valid i.e. not expired and as accepted under JME’s customer acceptance policy.    

5. After all transaction JME shall provide a transaction summary and/or an SMS with details.

6.In case of any dispute, JME seeks to resolve it as soon as it is possible. In case of dis-satisfaction, consumers may contact Japan Payment Service Association with claims and request for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)