JME offers fast and convenient money transfer service from Japan to various parts of the world.

How to Register with JME

In order to use JME Money Transfer Service, first you need to register with us. We have face to face registration and non-face to face registration as per below.

1) Face to Face Registration Method

Please visit JME locations and fill out necessary forms. Please also make sure to bring your valid ID as illustrated below.

Valid ID Documents*:

For Foreigner - Residence Card and/or Passport

For Japanese - Driver's License (or alternative Photo-ID)

Please contact us for further details and actual registration (Tel: 03-5475-3913, e-mail:

* Note: This will change depending on the latest regulatory and other requirements. Please contact us for the latest requirements.

2) Non-Face to Face Registration Method

By Postal Mail: Please contact us for necessary information (Tel: 03-5475-3913, e-mail:

How to Send Money

1) Counter Visit

Please visit JME locations and fill out necessary forms and request for remittance.

2) Bank Transfer

In order to use this service, you first need to register yourself with us. For bank details and actual processes, please contact us (Tel: 03-5475-3913, e-mail:

How to Receive Money


A cash service which enables recipients to receive money in cash in their home countries. Upon sending money, the customer receives a unique PIN that he/she has to forward to their desired recipient. The recipient then can visit JME’s agent location in their countries to collect cash.


This service allows customers to send money by crediting recipient's bank account in their home countries. You can send money to majority of the banks included in JME’s receive country list.


This service enables customers to send money to their recipient’s addresses. This service is provided only in the countries that are enabled for this service.